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Live recordings going back to 2014.

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Live set recordings — Free streaming & downloads

2014 Viking Bass

My very best mix. (2 hours)

2012 November Breaks

My first "perfect" recording. (1 hour)

2016 Fridays in Detroit

FIXED! Very good & very new. (~1 hour)

2014 Lunch Breaks

Recorded over lunch. (30 mins)

2014 October Bass

Freakishly good bass music. (~45 mins)

2015 First #Freshlist Promo

A promo for my first show. (1 hour)

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    I use Soundcloud to host my small selection of original tracks & remixes, as well as playlists that I've compiled.

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    Random rants and raves and sometimes information on events.

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    Catch a glimpse of my travels and adventures. You may even spot a famous DJ or two.

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    I keep a profile there for organizing events & sharing information.

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A hobby gone too far


I play beats that swing on a pair of CDJs


I produce and remix songs in Logic

Brandon Kirsch

I make computers do anything

I've been hooked on breakbeats and bass music since I found "the scene" in 2004.
I'm a big fan of mixing and I've been collecting, studying and practicing mixed sets for years.

In the real world, I'm an outstanding IT professional with a passion that never quits.
You can read about that stuff over here.